- Learn How and Where You Can Find Free eBooks for Nook

Free eBooks for Nook

If you have a Nook device: Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch, or Nook Tablet, you will definitely want to download some free Nook eBooks. If you love reading, whether its for learning purposes or entertainment, there are tons of free eBooks for Nook on the Internet for you to read. In this article, I will list several links to help get you startled in finding tons of Nook books free to read.

What Formats does Nook Devices Support?

In addition to the format of books purchased specifically for the Nook, you can also load books that in either ePub (including Adobe DRM or DRM free), PDF, or plain text of TXT format.

The original Nook supports fewer document formats than Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch, and Nook Tablet. you can load books that come in either the PDF or EPUB format.

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How to Find Free Nook eBooks?

The first and official place: Barnes&Noble

The first site, which you should visit in searching free eBooks for Nook is of course, Barnes&Noble - The same company that sold you your Nook offers quite a few fiction and non-fiction titles that you can download at no cost. Barnes&Noble.com has hundreds of free titles for your enjoyment and is adding more all the time.

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Other places for getting Nook books free

Books.Google.com - Log into the website, choose a genre. Choose the price you are looking for as "Free".

Project Gutenberg - Over 36,000 items in its collection. The majority of e-books are of public domain books

TheFreeLibrary.com - Offers hundreds of literary works by famous authors but the real treasure is massive archive of magazines and other periodicals.

Feedbooks - Offers a variety of free eBooks for Nook in Public Domain area and Original Books.

Manybooks.net - With 29,000 free e-books to choose from and a very well organized appearance, this is a great place to find free Nook eBooks.

Munseys - Contains 20,000 rare and hard to find titles in 12 formats compatible with those, who have Nooks

JustFreeBooks.info - Hundreds of titles to choose from and allows you to sort by genre and by e-book reader so you can search for just what you want on your Nook.

Cons of Downloading Free eBooks for Nook

You might be surprised by how many good free eBook sites there are out there. However, you are not recommended to download free Nook ebooks from these sites above. The reasons are:

1. Some sites may give you pop-up ads or other unexpected intrusions. Readers should use their own discretion about opening pop-ups.

2. There can be some spyware when you get free Nook eBook downloads. You do not want your Nook, or even your computer, to be infected.

3. There are not too many book sources for you to download. You can not always get your needed books.

In fact, there is a best site which can give you quick access to all eBooks you want safely. You will only need to pay for a small fee when you join the site. It will only be an one-time fee. This means that you do not have to pay again when you download the books you wanted on the website.

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